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mackinaw solo mining fit

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    Mining Barges (along with their Tech II Exhumer counterparts) are also unique in that they are the only ships able to fit high-powered strip mining modules and ice miners. Example: The Apocalypse and Rokh are thought to be the best non-barge Tech I ships for mining.

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    May 23, 2017· At 100 mining skill, you get a 40% damage bonus on earth/metal elementals, so we can save 100 skillpoints with tactics/evalint. At 100 tinker skill, you can bond with a golum and resurrect it, so crafter templates can still function.

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    Jul 30, 2018· Over time, the T2 yield fit would earn you more money to the point where you can even die every 10 hours of mining (assuming something like 18,7 mil/hour vs 22 mil/hour) and still make more ISK than the solo-version. And again, it's arguable if the extra tank of the solo-fit will even save you.

  • Ten Ton Hammer | Rookie's Guide To Mining In EVE Online

    Mining is the most basic, accessible profession in EVE Online. To mine, one simply harvests the ore that floats in asteroid belts found throughout EVE Online. Because of its simplicity and ease of entry, many new players are attracted to the activity.

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    The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada 41 Version 2.2 10. Mercoxit Mining . Pre-RMR, Mercoxit was considered to be the most valuable ore as it is the only asteroid which refines into Morphite.

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    Copy/Paste a list of items, things in a contract, items in a container, a ship fit (game or EFT), from excel, or even a killmail! Mining & PI Prices for Ore, Ice, PI, Moons, and all reactions.

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    Mackinaw with Morphite Shine SKIN. Skiff with Morphite Shine SKIN. Posted by Resa Moon at ... Solo Fit: [Hulk, Gurista Solo] Mining Laser Upgrade II Mining Laser Upgrade II Gistii A-Type Small Shield Booster ... Subscribe to New Eden Mining. Simple theme.

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    Ore mining is the simplest form of mining in Eve Online and the type you will most likely start doing. The first thing you need to learn and understand are the skills needed to mine efficiently and become a .

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    Exhumers are advanced mining barge ships which larger cargo holds and are more efficient at using Strip Miners and Ice Harvesters than mining barges. Each is designed to specialise in a different field -- asteroid mining, ice mining and gas-cloud mining. ORE Skiff Mackinaw Hulk

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    The T2 variant is the Mackinaw, with an enormous 28,000 m 3 base hold and 4 mid-slots. Due to CPU restrictions, however, these mid-slots are rarely used. Yield. The mining barge focused on yield is the Covetor, while the exhumer is the Hulk. The yield focused ships have a minimal tank, faster mining laser cycle times, and the smallest ore holds.

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    Mar 23, 2014· If you run a fully mining fit Retriever/Mackinaw in high sec while harvesting Pyrox, Kernite, and Scordite, you make substantially more money, money you can use to buy Zydrine and Noxicum and etc.. That you're likely getting Orca boosts in high and not in Low only makes high sec even more lucrative.

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    pioneer jaw crusher 342 Pioneerjaw crusher manual.JunGulin supply Mining and construction equipment for mineral handling. The crushing, screening, washing, grinding equipment in stationary, portable, tracked type is available. ... mackinaw solo mining fit. mobile coal cone crusher suppliers indonessia.

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    types boring tools - Cutting Head . KAMY is the worldwide leader in manufacturing hydraulic cutters, road headers, tunnel support systems, and other specialized machinery used in the tunneling, mining, and construction industries.

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    Martek solo lost their Mackinaw worth 350,732,805.51 ISK.

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    Play and Listen my few points and comparings with the new altered orca in eve online updated fit with augmented mining drones https watchvum72kidjvjc Eve Online - Solo Mining .

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    Jul 25, 2012· Now on the plus side, you can now fit your PG implant and use the overclocking rigs (because cargo are pointless) and fit on a hulk or mack a full set of upgrades, DCU on the mack, or upgrade and dcu on the hulk and then a small booster, invul and cap recharger IIs and be cap stable. so there is a nice little tank. and on the hulk you can ...

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    Vlad The Impaler. Vlad is an old school gamer, all the way back from the times of Commodore 64. Yes, with 30 years of gaming and some 15 years as an editor and author, writing reviews for a number of magazines and online gaming portals, he is the true OG of the gaming generation.

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    Feb 26, 2014· E-Uni Mackinaw for Solo Ice Mining Well I'm really disappointed with this fit.E-Uni bit the big one as far as I'm concerned. Way to much bling and weak, weak, weak.

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    stone crushing machinery panies--Xinhai Mining. Rock crusher plants,quarry equipment,used stone crusher in . Stone crusher machinery/equipment Plant In crusher panies in uae As one of the largest crushing . Live Chat. quarry and miningpanies – Grinding Mill China. Chat With Sales.

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    Corp is good if you want to mine a lot in one go. I mostly solo mine but I have a Mackinaw. Starting a new alt with no corp means the biggest issue is small mining ship. Here's what I do for the days I just want to mine in a Venture. Get Mining to level 4 and fit Miner II. Train for Mining Laser Upgrade II.

  • High Sec Militia: Information for Orca pilots

    Jan 02, 2015· That fit will boost fleet yield, armor and shield resists. To get that fit at maximum then improve your armor and shield skills and also get T2 light drone skills. If you are using the Orca for mining support then it is recommend to get your fleet to use Procurers or Skiffs.

    High Sec Militia: Information for Orca pilots

    Jan 02, 2015· That fit will boost fleet yield, armor and shield resists. To get that fit at maximum then improve your armor and shield skills and also get T2 light drone skills. If you are using the Orca for mining support then it is recommend to get your fleet to use Procurers or Skiffs.

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    Most profitable highsec solo mining option? • r/Eve - reddit. A retreiver mining scordite, tank kinetic hardener and civ shield boosters in the mid and thermal in the rig with two core extenders.

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    Mercoxit Mining. For mining Mercoxit you need to fit a Modulated Deep Core Strip Miner II instead of the the regular Modulated Strip Miner II. The Mining Amount of this laser is only 250 and the Asteroid Specialization Yield Modifier from the Mercoxit Mining Crystal II is only 1.375.

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    mackinaw solo mining fit, The Nosy Gamer: CCP's War On Bots: Exhumer Changes. Jul 30, 2012 . The use by solo botters will end as those botters drift off to choices with a . After the changes the Mackinaw will have a larger hold capacity, 31,250 . This, combined with the ability to fit three Mining Laser Upgrade IIs, give.

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    TinyMiner is an "EVE Online Mining Bot Macro Miner" application designed for the popular MMORPG "EVE Online".If you're reading this then you're probably already familiar with the game to a certain extent and you already know how tedious is the job of mining asteroids.

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    Best possible mining setup - General Discussions - UO ... Jun 21, 2013· Best possible mining setup ... Or you can beast tank the Skiff. ... Mackinaw is the preferred ship for solo mining, has a .

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    Advanced Mining Legacy This ... It is NOT a 15% solo bonus. ... Since you can fit two ice harvesters per Mackinaw, it means you will harvest 4 units of ice every 317.28 seconds. To know how much this translates per hour, you need to figure out how many cycles you will complete per hour. An hour has 3600 seconds, so 3600/317.28 = 11.34 cycles ...

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    Feb 13, 2013· In the meantime, you can mine as well as half a Mackinaw, which ain't too bad for a frigate that can warp off in four seconds if anyone hostile comes close. Take it into null, w-space, or low-sec. EDIT (14/Feb/2003): I forgot to mention: this same fit also works well for w-space or null-sec gas mining.

  • What You Need to Know About Hiking Pikes Peak - America's ...

    If you think you fit that bill, here's a look at the journey! Hiking Pikes Peak via Barr Trail Barr Trail is the main route to hike Pikes Peak and the only trail that will take you to the summit.

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    Entry-level Mining Ships. Any ship that can fit a mining laser can mine. If it is a combat ship, mined ore goes into that ship's cargo hold. Cruisers and battleships are now rarely used to mine, since mining barges and exhumers perform the same function better.

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    Retriever Mackinaw: Great ore hold, decent yield, mediocre tank. Best for solo/AFK mining but is often ganked. Can reach an ore hold of 27.5k and 35k m3 respectively. Covetor Hulk: Great yield, great range, small ore hold, horrible tank. Only use these for max yield with a dedicated hauler and be prepared to attract gankers like flies to a lamp.